Nudge App Update

Nudge App Update

We’re excited to announce a major update to our Nudge mobile app. If you haven’t opened it in a while, please take a look. We've consolidated all information regarding your medication adherence onto a single Home Screen.


UX Update

  1. You’ll now see the status of your routine at a glance. If you’ve already taken a dose, the exact time will be displayed
  2. You can expand the calendar view to see longer-term trends. Calendar days when doses were taken within the routine window will be highlighted in green, and if doses were taken at different times, they’ll be highlighted in yellow.



New Features

  • Routine Start Notification:
    • We’ve added a configurable notification at the start of your routine.
    • To enable: Go to ‘Edit Routines’ > Expand Routine options > Enable ‘Routine Start Alert’ > Select the time to trigger the alert at the beginning or middle of the routine window.
    • This will remind you with a notification that it’s time to take your dose.
  • Manual Dose Logging:
    • For times when your Nudge device goes offline, such as during travel, you can now manually log doses.
    • Simply turn off Nudge and use the “Manually Log Dose” option on the homepage to stay consistent with your routine while on the go.


We hope you enjoy these new updates. If there’s anything else you’d like Nudge to do, please let us know. Your feedback is invaluable in helping people stay adherent to their medication routines.


Hope to hear from you soon,

The Nudge Team

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