About us

About Nudge: Innovating for a Healthier Tomorrow


Our Story: The Birth of an Innovative Idea

Nudge began with a simple yet challenging concept: help people take their medications without adding unnecessary warnings or complications into their already busy lives. Our journey involved integrating sensors, cutting-edge hardware, seamless cloud interactions, user-friendly apps, and a creative methodology to make it all work in harmony. It's the brainchild of a group of passionate and talented individuals dedicated to turning this ambitious vision into a tangible reality.


Meet the Innovators Behind Nudge

Mike Giller: The Technical Visionary

Struggling to manage my child’s epilepsy meds, my cat’s heart medication, and my own prescriptions, I realized memory alone couldn’t safeguard our health. This led to a breakthrough: tracking medication containers' movement could signal missed doses.

Thus, Nudge was born—a system that alerts users to take their meds, providing peace of mind and ensuring no dose is forgotten. Learning that half of all patients stop following their medication routines within months, I saw Nudge’s potential to make a significant difference in health management.

In creating Nudge, I found not just a solution for my family but a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to maintain their best health.


Matt Kressy

Matt Kressy: The Design Maestro

Matt is not just an expert in product design and development; he's a visionary in his field. As the Founding Director of the MIT Integrated Design & Management (MITidm) master’s degree program and a leader in innovation at the New England Innovation Academy, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Nudge. When he first heard about Nudge, he immediately recognized its potential to make a significant impact. Collaborating with Mike, Matt has been instrumental in transforming the technical concept of Nudge into a delightful product. He's the creative force behind the unique design and experience of Nudge, infusing it with a sense of wonder and practicality. From naming the product to shaping its distinctive design, Matt's contributions ensure that every Nudge user has an experience that is truly extraordinary.


Our Mission: Simplifying Healthcare, One Nudge at a Time

At Nudge, we're more than just a company – we're a team dedicated to making a difference. Our mission is to simplify healthcare through innovative technology, ensuring that medication adherence is easy, reliable, and part of everyday life. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a healthier, more connected world.

Nudge FAQ

Is a smartphone required to use the Nudge medication tracker?

While you don't need a smartphone for daily medication routine alerts and movement tracking, you will require a smartphone with the Nudge App for the initial configuration of a Nudge device. Nudge App is also used to access historic reports on medication movement.

Does the Nudge medication tracker require a constant internet connection?

Yes. To facilitate timely email alerts and push notifications, an integral part of our proactive medication management system, Nudge requires a consistent internet connection.

What types of medication can the Nudge smart bottle track?

The Nudge smart bottle is designed to track any medication stored in a small-ish container.

Be it pills, capsules, tablets, suspension, or powder; as long as you can store it in the container, Nudge will help you manage medication tracking efficiently.

Can Nudge monitor multiple medications simultaneously?

Currently, a single Nudge device is tailored to track one medication bottle. However, for comprehensive medication management, you can use multiple Nudge devices to monitor different medications concurrently.

How can Nudge enhance my understanding of medication habits?

Nudge offers insightful reports on your medication habits. The companion app allows you to analyze medication adherence rates, understand behavioral patterns, and make informed decisions to improve your health.

What happens if I miss a medication dose?

Nudge's innovative alert system will remind you if you miss a dose. In case you overlook the device's light and sound alarms, Nudge escalates it by sending you email and push notifications.

Does Nudge determine medication consumption by weighing the container?

No. Nudge logs activity detected by proximity sensors, rather than weighing the medication container. Current scale sensors aren't reliable for detecting minor weight fluctuations such as a pill, and those that are require continuous calibration. Nudge uses the movement of the medication container at the expected dosage time to infer medication intake.

Can I deceive Nudge by just moving the medication bottle?

Indeed, that's possible. However, Nudge is designed to be a helpful tool, providing assistance for a seamless medication routine. If a user chooses not to participate actively, Nudge's full potential may not be realized. Its goal is to foster a consistent routine, remind the busy caregiver, and provide data-driven health insights, but it requires the cooperation of willing participants.