HSA/FSA Eligible

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  • Physical Alarms

    Nudge lights up and sounds off to remind you it’s medication time. No more missed doses!

  • Automatic Tracking

    Just take your meds, and Nudge automatically logs it for you. Zero manual entry needed.

  • Informative App

    Easy setup and insightful reports on your med routine, all through the Nudge app.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Charlie's mom
So good I have a second one

I take three doses a day. Nudge reminds me of that.

Then my old dog had to start taking medicine. Nudge helps me and my husband coordinate Charlie's medication

Helped with my evening dose

My mornings were never an issue. That was a part of my morning routine.

The evenings are always different. When I go out, I forget about my second dose.
Nudge fixed that. If lights up green and reminds me. So now I never miss the second dose.

Outstanding product!

I could never remember my medication. I'd put the bottle next to the coffee maker, and still forget to take them in the morning.

With Nudge's green blink I can't help but notice it. Now I've taken my dose everyday for over a week. Thank you Nudge!

I never used it

I bought it as a gift and have not heard yet what he thought about it.

Mason Clark
The Nudge device is both simple and powerful

Nudge has made a significant difference in how I manage my health. Its reminders are always on point, ensuring I'm on track with my meds without any hassle. Definitely a must-have for those who value their health and privacy.

Setting up was a breeze, and now I don't have to stress about my medication schedule anymore. Plus, the privacy-first approach gives me peace of mind.

Nudge App

Nudge App allows you to:

  • Setup Nudge device in minutes
  • Get notifications for forgotten medications
  • See monthly adherence reports
  • See and share medication adherence with loved ones
  • and more ...

Free download. App not required for Nudge after device is configured.