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Nudge Health Inc

Nudge Medication Tracking Device

Nudge Medication Tracking Device

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Nudge helps you follow medication routines. It lights up and buzzes when it's time to take medication. If you still haven't taken medication in an hour, you will receive a reinforcement a email and notifications to your phone.

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Customer Reviews

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Darya B
Super tool! Very valuable to smooth medication management

I have a few different medications which I take at different times of day and nudge has been invaluable in helping me stay on top of them. Nudge has stopped me from accidentally taking my medication twice in one day which I am really grateful!! Regularly taking medication morning and night has been much smoother with nudge.

Eugene Giller
I stopped waking up in the middle of the night worrying if I had taken my pills.

Having Nudge on my nightstand is great. I am pretty disciplined in taking my daily prescriptions. But occasionally, I don’t remember if I took it. If I wake up, one look at the device not flashing the alarm lets me know that I took my nightly dosage.

Holly Hutchenson
Super helpful and easy to use!

I love the Nudge. It's really helped me take my medicine at the same time every day, especially on weekends when my morning schedule is different. I need to take one of my medicines at the same time for it to work and I used to be very bad at remembering on weekends. It's even helped me be more consistent during the weekdays and I never miss weekend pills anymore! Love that it sends me an email if I forget to take it!!